299,00 VAT incl. / piece

Material: Teak
Color: Beige (Light)
Finishing: Rootwood - Teak Roots
Width: ~120 cm
Height: ~200 cm
Depth: ~20 cm
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Distinct teak room divider in weathered wood. The Teak Pembagi is a teak room divider with an exclusive look. This exclusive teak room divider is made in root wood. The feral teak stumps are placed along each other and creates a unique effect, each piece is unique. Beautiful to create dynamics in a room or to separate certain parts. This furniture consists of 1 part.

The Teak Pembagi series is handcrafted in Indonesia and is currently only available in this size and/or design. Every piece in this series is unique! This teak room divider is made of teak root wood. Teak root wood is heavy and dense in structure because it has experienced different conditions for many years. The teak roots are resistant to rot and have a distinctive wild structure and grain. It is a unique structure that gives the teak an exclusive robust look. Ideal for unique teak pieces, sculptures or furniture. TEAK2 only uses the best quality teak from Java! Solid, massive and heavy construction.

This distinct teakwood room divider in weathered wood has a luxurious look and feel and therefore fits nicely into an industrial or modern interior. In addition to a modern interior, it also looks great with a contemporary or country style. This wooden sculpture can serve as an exclusive eye-catcher for an office, entrance hall or both the dining room and living room.

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