1099,00 VAT incl. / piece

Material: Teak
Color: Brown (Dark)
Finishing: Erosion Teak
Width: ~65 cm
Height: ~170 cm
Depth: ~40 cm
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Small teak wall cupboard from Indonesia. The Cuci Remeh 60E Old is a teak wall cabinet with a rural look. This small teak cupboard is equipped with revolving doors and drawers. The top is equipped with a traditional coving. This teak cupboard is characterized by the narrow construction, rural features and Indonesian style elements. The drawers of the cabinet can easily be opened and closed by means of metal round bowl handles. The base cabinet stands on a flat baseboard. This piece of furniture consists of 1 part.

The series Cuci Remeh is handmade in Indonesia and is available in different sizes and/or designs. Each cabinet of the Cuci series is unique! This teak cabinet is executed in erosion teak. Erosion teak is heavier and denser in structure, partly because it has experienced different conditions for years. The recycled old erosion teak is the result of a long natural process in which the soft teak is washed away and the hard teak remains. It is a unique structure that gives the teak an exclusive robust appearance. TEAK2 only uses the best quality teak from Java! Solid, solid and heavy structure.

This small teak wall cupboard has an exclusive look and therefore fits nicely in an oriental or country setting. Besides a rural interior also beautiful with a homely or modern style. The teak cupboard can serve as a rural teak wall cupboard, kitchen cupboard or narrow teak cupboard in both the kitchen and living room or living room.

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