139,00 incl. VAT / piece

Material: Teak
Color: Brown (Light)
Finish: Untreated Teak
Base: Teak leg
Width: 47 cm (Z:47)
Height: 110 cm (Z:74 | A:)
Depth: 50 cm (Z:43)
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Modern bar stool wood in untreated smooth teak. The Barstool Teak Jabatan is a teak barstool with a sleek, modern look. This wooden design bar stool is executed in untreated teak and has modern slats in the back. This modern bar stool is characterized by its solid, sleek construction and modern style features. The base of this wooden design bar stool is a teak leg. Nice to combine with the range of teak bar tables at TEAK2.

The Teak Jabatan series is handmade in Indonesia and is available in different sizes and/or designs. This teak chair is made of untreated teak. Untreated teak is light (clear) in color and is sanded smooth. This teak is also recycled teak and has a heavy, dense structure. TEAK2 only uses the best quality teak from Java! Sturdy, solid and heavy structure. The smooth structure gives the furniture a sleek, modern look. 

This modern bar stool wood has a sleek look and therefore fits nicely in an industrial or modern interior. Besides a modern interior also beautiful with a contemporary or rural style. The teak stool can serve as a design teak bar stool, high stool or teak bar stool in both the kitchen and dining room or living room.

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