1099,001299,00 VAT incl. / piece

Material: Teak
Color: Brown - Grey (Dark)
Finishing: Brushed Old Teak

Deep old station bench teak from Indonesia. The Bangku Raya O200-240GXD Old is a teak garden bench with a luxurious look. This deep station bench from Indonesia is executed in brushed old teak (grey wash) and has a floral motif in the back. This deep old garden bench is typified by the Indonesian style characteristics, solid construction and beautiful heavy construction. This model is equipped with extra deep seat and a pillow! The undercarriage of this old station bench  is a teak leg. Nice to combine with the wide range of teak garden tables at TEAK2.

The Bangku Raya series is handmade in Indonesia and is available in various sizes and/or designs. This luxury garden bench is executed in brushed old teak. Brushed old teak is heavier and has a denser structure, partly because it has experienced many years of different conditions. The old recycled teak has undergone a brushed treatment which gives the teak an exclusive robust appearance. The wood is dark brown in colour. TEAK2 only uses the best quality teak from Java! Sturdy, solid and heavy construction.

This deep old station bench teak has a luxurious, solid appearance and can, due to its solid construction and strong construction, perfectly serve as outdoor furniture or teak garden furniture. All teak garden furniture and teak garden furniture from TEAK2 are of the highest quality. The luxurious deep garden bench can serve as a large teak garden bench or luxury old wooden station bench for indoor or outdoor use.

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