How can I reach TEAK2?

TEAK2 can always be reached at the e-mail address: eb.2kaet@ofni

Within 24 hours we answer all your questions, within 24 hours no response back? Look in your spambox or try it by phone.

You can reach us by phone at: 0032 (0)487 300592


How can I place an order?

You can easily place an order online via the webshop or in the showroom in Pelt (Belgium). The products can be added to the shopping basket, then follow the next steps to complete the order.

Can I also order outside the webshop?

Of course this is always possible, come visit us in the showroom or send us an email to place your order.

I did not receive a confirmation after ordering in the webshop.

Immediately after placing an order in the webshop you will automatically receive a confirmation by email. If you have not received this confirmation, please check your spambox. If the mail is not here either, we ask you to contact us recording to see where it went wrong.

The desired product is not in stock, what can I do?

When the product in the webshop is not in stock, it is advisable to always send us an email regarding the stock status! The stock status in the webshop is updated weekly to be as up to date as possible. Due to the large assortment it can happen that this status is not completely up to date. It is therefore possible that the product is in stock, but is sold out in the webshop. Moreover, it is always good to inform whether the item is on its way or almost shipped from Indonesia. This way the product can be reserved if desired, which limits the delivery time.

Can I cancel my order?

An order can always be cancelled free of charge if it has not yet left the warehouse. If the item is custom-made or if it is made especially for the customer, then this order is excluded from cancellation free of charge. Once production has started, the cancellation costs are 25% of the total amount of the order.


How can I pay at the store?

Because almost every product has to be delivered we do not currently have a payment terminal in our showroom. When picking up, the money can be transferred in advance or cash can be paid. There is an ATM in the neighbourhood.

How can I pay in the webshop?

Will the furniture be purchased in the store or online and delivered afterwards? You have the choice to pay in cash, Bancontact, iDEAL or in advance by bank transfer. If the money is in our bank account the furniture will be delivered as soon as possible.

Different VAT rates by country of destination since July 1, 2021

In order to create a level playing field for entrepreneurs within and outside the European Union and to combat VAT fraud, the European Commission called for a new VAT Directive for e-commerce. This new rule ensures that, as of July 1, 2021, webshops will be more quickly confronted with foreign VAT obligations when selling goods to individuals from other EU member states. As a result, TEAK2 applies different VAT rates for the country of destination. These rates are automatically adjusted during checkout.


Italy: 22%

Belgium / Netherlands / Spain: 21%

France / Austria: 20%

Germany: 19%

Luxembourg: 17%

Switzerland: 7.7%

Other countries: On request

What are the (bank)details of TEAK2?

ACCOUNT NUMBER.:  BE79 0017 2328 5933

BANK NAME:  BNP Paribas Fortis

IBAN:  BE79 0017 2328 5933


VAT NR.: BE0552.850.708


How do I get the product to my home after ordering?

We give you the choice to choose pick up or delivery.

When and where can I pick up the product?

Our products can be picked up at the showroom address: Lodewijk de Raetlaan 3, 3900 Pelt, Belgium. Assistance with loading of course possible. This is possible during the opening hours or at an agreed time.

If I choose delivery, how will the product be delivered?

Service is very important to us, which is why delivery will always be done by our own service (TEAK2). Control, satisfaction and personal contact! Every piece of furniture is delivered & placed on the ground floor, provided that the space is accessible in a normal way. Please check in advance whether the dimensions of the furniture offer the possibility to get inside to the desired place. Floor or window delivery can be discussed via quotation. Keep in mind that all furniture is heavy in weight! Despite the fact that the larger furniture often consists of 2 parts, they remain heavy products that cannot be placed everywhere.

What is the price to have the furniture delivered?

Delivery throughout Belgium at the fixed low rate of €49! Each piece of furniture is delivered & placed on the ground floor to the inside, provided that the space is accessible in a normal way. Please check in advance if the dimensions of the furniture offer the possibility to get inside the desired place. Floor or window delivery can be discussed via quotation. Delivery outside Belgium? TEAK2 is also active in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France and other countries. Standard delivery for the Netherlands varies between €49 and €99 depending on location and distance. For Luxembourg this is €99 and the other countries always on request. Inform for the possibilities and prices. When the distance is too far to do our own service, we move to an external transporter.

Delivery is calculated to combine multiple addresses. If a specific out-of-route date is requested (depending on distance) a surcharge may apply.

What is the delivery time?

TEAK2 has a very large stock so most products can be delivered immediately! Unique in the furniture industry! When all products of the order are in stock, we have a delivery time of 2 weeks at the latest. Usually TEAK2 tries to meet the delivery within the week. If you would like a later delivery date, this is of course no problem.

When delivery outside the Benelux is handled by an external transporter, TEAK2 usually uses a delivery time of 1-4 weeks.

Are the products out of stock? The delivery time depends on the status of the product. The product may already be in transport so this can be within 4 weeks. The product may also be in production or still need to be produced which will take longer. Is the order made to measure or does the product still need to be produced? This process takes about 1-4 months in total.


Is customization possible?

Yes, it is! TEAK2 has already realised many unique custom made furniture. In the case of bespoke furniture, the customer is consulted about the wishes and possibilities. A CAD-drawing is then made. If this is approved by the customer, production starts. The process of customization takes about 4 months. TEAK2 keeps you informed when the order is ready and shipped. The transport takes about one month.

What is the price of customization?

Made-to-measure furniture is about 20-25% more expensive than similar furniture in the 'standard' series. If you wish to make a small adjustment to the 'standard' model, a surcharge will be charged for this as well. Due to the low prices used by TEAK2, it is not possible to include this in the normal production process. Inform to the possibilities of custom made furniture.


Does TEAK2 exercise the right of withdrawal?

All online purchases are subject to the right of withdrawal regulated by EU legislation. This remedy only applies if you buy the product at a distance. You are entitled to a trial period of up to 14 calendar days after delivery of the product. Furniture is heavy and large in size, therefore the right of withdrawal is not as easy as sending a small parcel. We are therefore forced to charge the consumer for the transport of returns.

TEAK2 therefore recommends that you always visit the products in the showroom. Is the distance too great? TEAK2 is unique when it comes to true-to-life pictures in the furniture industry! We do everything we can to provide a detailed description and clear, truthful photos for each product. This will give you a clear picture of all the products that TEAK2 has in its range. More information about the right of withdrawal can be found at here.

How long do I have warranty on my furniture?

All our furniture is guaranteed for two (2) years. We recommend that you keep your invoice in a safe place. If you wish to claim under the guarantee, you must be able to submit the invoice at all times. You can find more information about warranty here.


Is the furniture in need of maintenance?

Teak is a beautiful type of wood that requires little maintenance. Because teak is greasy, it offers a natural protective layer against dirt and water. It is therefore not necessary to treat it, it may be good, for example, to nourish the wood in order to preserve its beautiful, pure structure.

More information about treatment can be found on the page customer service.

How can I remove stains?

Teak is a very greasy type of wood so this natural process already provides good protection. If there is a stain in teak, these greases ensure that the stain will dissolve (partly) by itself over time. If the stain is processed deeper into the wood or if you want to remove the stain faster, it is best to use green soap or soda.

Is every teak product exactly the same?

Because teak is a 100% solid natural product, teak also contains all of its natural properties. Therefore, just as with any other type of wood, teak can have differences in colour, grain and structure. As a result, no single piece is 100% identical.

What is the most important thing for a wooden product?

Wood is a natural product and will expand or shrink (too hard) under the wrong conditions depending on humidity. It is therefore important to always maintain a good level of humidity in the house (~45-65%). TEAK2 therefore always recommends using a hygrometer to measure humidity. Too low a humidity level is most common in most (new) homes. A humidifier can be used to maintain the humidity level.


What coloured and white furniture does TEAK2 have in its range?

TEAK2's product range is constantly being updated and new products are added regularly. It may be that there is only one unique example of a product!

For coloured or white furniture, TEAK2 usually has white cabinets, sideboards, TV sets, coffee tables and other furniture in modern and country styles. TEAK2 has the widest range of white buffet cabinets and white display cabinets. The white buffet cabinets are sometimes referred to as white wash buffet cabinets. The buffet cabinets can be divided into certain styles: grutters cabinets, shop cabinets, wall cabinets and more. The white furniture is made of Mindi wood or can be combined with teak. More info about the material and the different treatments? On the page productinfo you can find out everything about the material and the possibilities. In addition to white furniture, other RAL colours are also possible. For example, TEAK2 also offers: anthracite sideboards, grey sideboards and other colours. TEAK2 also has a wide range of teak tables and coffee tables in modern and country styles. The coffee tables in particular can be finished in white or combined with teak. In addition to cabinets in white, there are also matching coloured or white sideboards and TV units.  The white furniture is available in different styles: design, modern, rural, brocant, classic, authentic. View the full range in the webshop.

Which teak furniture / teak furniture does TEAK2 have in its range?

Here too, TEAK2's product range is constantly being adapted and new products are added regularly. It may be that there is only one unique example of a product. Usually we have even more models in teak furniture in stock than what can be seen on the website.

On teak furniture TEAK2 usually has: teak cupboards, dining tables, teak sideboards and TV sets and other furniture in modern and country styles. In teak cabinets, TEAK2 has the largest range of teak buffet cabinets and teak display cabinets. The cabinets can be subdivided into teak buffet cabinets, display cabinets, grutters cabinets, shop cabinets, wall cabinets and other variations. All teak furniture is handmade in Indonesia, half-timbered and teak at the highest quality. More info about teak and the different treatments? Take a look at the page productinfo. On teak tables TEAK2 has teak dining tables and teak coffee tables. The teak dining table or teak kitchen table consists of solid teak from Indonesia and is available in country and modern styles. In modern tables there is often a combination with metal base. In addition to teak cabinets and tables, there is also a wide range of teak sideboards, TV-cabinets and other furniture. The teak furniture is available in different styles: rural, modern, design, brocant, classic, authentic. Most teak furniture is available in 3 variations: smooth untreated teak, brushed old teak and old teak. Take a look for the complete range in the online shop.

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